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In Your Memory - "I'll Make a Man Out of You"

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In Your Memory - "I'll Make a Man Out of You"

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Artist Bio:

In Your Memory bio: Based out of Washington, DC this post-hardcore 5 pieces act formed in 2012. With a jazz-netic twist to to the genre leaning on their punk rock influences. The band made its debut in 2013 with In Your Memory their first self titled EP. During these past few years, the band had a bit of style changes, quick additions and lineup adjustments which finally firmed up in 2014 with a roster consisting of singer Omar Veras, guitarists Casey Allen and Alex Scott, drummer Johnathan Shephard and bassists Troy Humphrey. They followed up quickly that year, releasing Reflections while they slowly built their credentials. This album was seen as something of a breakthrough for the band since it expanded their audience which months later, per followers request, the band went on to releasing their first video "Layers of Lies" in October of 2014.They don't strive in being perfect but if your looking for personality and character with a passionate stage presence you have met your match.

About The Video: We spent several years wanted to take a classic track and make it our own not only by music but video too. Here is another variation of the great disney track, I'll Make a Man Out of You. We modernized the idea of the movie in which its a epic battle preparation to fight the "huns". In this case we gave the "huns" the role of girls who want their significant other to be the idealized "man". At least what we are grown to think is proper with some funny IYM takes of course.

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