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Dennis Is Dead - "The Atlas"

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Dennis Is Dead - "The Atlas"

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Band Bio:

Dennis Is Dead from Union City, CA has released their best effort yet with the "Close To Home" EP. With three of the five members playing together since middle school, Dennis Is Dead have been refining their sound for many years. What has emerged is an onslaught of some of the most brutal metallic hardcore out there today paired with an honest, energetic live show. While so many heavy bands are just going through the motions, posing, posturing, and practically choreographing their "moves" on stage, Dennis Is Dead just explodes with energy live, letting the emotion that rages from the music take them close to the breaking point (and sometimes beyond).

These boys have already shared the stage with great bands like CHIMAIRA, IMPENDING DOOM, THE ACACIA STRAIN, TERROR, EMMURE, FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS, OCEANO, ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS, and MISS MAY I. But what separates Dennis Is Dead from the rest of the pack is their commitment to building community between them and their fans. The relationships with the people that enjoy their music extend beyond the show or the internet, but to face-to-face connections and friendships.

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